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Create A Safety Net With A Business Continuity Plan

Business Continuity PlanningIn the wake of the tornado that rocked Oklahoma this past month, one thing was made perfectly clear: natural disasters don’t discriminate. It does not matter if you’re rich, if you’re poor, if you’ve got good luck, or if you don’t. Disaster can strike anyone, at any time. This is why it’s critical for everyone to have a backup plan—a safety net, a plan that lets you keep on surviving when you’re hit hard. For businesses, the same principle of being prepared takes form in a business continuity plan.

Business continuity planning is a roadmap for survival. Creating one is a three step process, in which you decide which features or services of your business are critical to its success, how to keep those features running when disaster hits, and then how to get those features back up to 100% during recovery. Having a business continuity plan does not just benefit your company, by making sure it can keep functioning and recover from a disaster, it gives you an in-depth look at your company. You gain the knowledge of what makes your business run: all the nuts and bolts which may have been previously unknown to you. Knowledge is power—and a business continuity plan can help you gain that.

Having a business continuity plan in place not only protects your company’s assets, but maintains your efficiency and productivity. When your company faces a threat, natural disaster or man-made, a plan for dealing the problem lets you continue functioning. This might seem like a given—but have you given thought to what it might be like to experience a flood or a theft? Would your employees know what to do or how to continue their work? Would you know how to adjust your focus and time in such a way that will let your company continue to function? A business continuity plan lets you pinpoint what’s important, letting you focus on what matters.

A business continuity plan can even increase efficiency and productivity without a threat! Knowing what’s important and what you need to keep those services up and running can save you time and effort on an everyday basis. Many businesses operate in a way that works moderately well—but not very many of them spend the time and effort into looking for ways to streamline their work processes. That’s why investing in a business continuity plan lets you gain efficiency and greater success without ever facing a flood, tornado or theft.

Another way that a business continuity plan helps your company is by image. A company not protected for disaster, or a business owner without knowledge of the threats their company faces, is unprepared and the look and feel of the company becomes amateur. Customers do their research: they put their trust in companies who have backup and business continuity plans. It ensures that the services they’re paying for and their information is kept safe. A company with a backup plan is prepared, knowledgeable, and professional. provides companies with custom business continuity plans, letting you protect your company and image.

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