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Create a PokemonGo Map with Jelastic and Catch Rare Pokemon in your Area

Create a free PokemonGo MapIf you haven’t heard about PokemonGo then you’re either not connected to technology or don’t have children walking by, ignoring you and stumbling yelling “there’s one!”

So I decided to play the cool parent card and found a way via Jelastic to get my own PokemonGo Map up and running, so I could show my boys where specific Pokemons they have been searching for are located.

It’s incredibly fast and easy.

Warning: Using this software is against the ToS of the game. You can get banned, use this tool at your own risk.

Just follow these simple steps.

Click on this link and you will be redirected to the Jelastic login screen.

Login to your Jelastic account or create a free 14-day trial.

login or signup for Jelastic account

If you are creating a new Jelastic account, you will need to verify your account after signing up by clicking on the link within the email and entering a secure password for your account, and a phone number to receive an activation code.



Enter your activation code and click continue

jelastic activation code

For new accounts, you might not see the PokemonGo Map app. If this is the case, log out of Jelastic, click this link, sign in and you should see the content below.

Once logged in you will see the following:

pokemongo map installation options

Choose which account you want to use to create the map. We used Default Demo Account.

If you would like to use your PokemonGo Account follow these instructions.

Complete the required fields. We recommend keeping the Steps Away setting at 10.

Important: Pkmn Club User is your Nickname in the game and not your email address.

The maps will not populate unless you have logged in to your PokemonGo account and agreed to the TOS.

Important: You will need to create your own Google Maps API Key. Instructions are here.

Create a unique name for your environment (which will also be the URL used to access the map).

pokemongo map successfully deployed

And then open your PokemonGo map in a browser!

Important: If your map is not populating with Pokemon – Check the configuration

Open your Jelastic account and mouse over change environment toplogy and click on it.

change environment toplogy

Select more

change environment toplogy more

If you see a run command with something similar to -a google -u “” -p “2l2VP20Js8” -l “location” -st “10” -k “Google Map API Key” –port 80 -sd 10

change environment toplogy run command

Change it to:

-a “ptc” -u “Your PokemonGo Username” -p “Your PokemonGo Password” -l “Your Location” -st “10” -k “Your Google Map API Key” –port 80 -sd 10

Replace: “Your PokemonGo Username” with your PokemonGo account username

Replace: “Your PokemonGo Password” with your PokemonGo account password

Replace: “Your Location” with the location that you want to use

Replace: “Your Google Map API Key” with key you created

Click Apply and in the next screen click Apply

Go back to the environment and select the red stop sign to stop the environment

stop environment

Click yes to confirm stopping the environment

confirm stop enviroment



Mouse over the green arrow to select to start the environment


The status will change from launching to running

Wait approximately 5 minutes before opening your map to give the environment time to restart. If you get a 502 error, then just refresh and your map should populate.

Now it’s time to open your map in a browser

open in broswer

Important: If your map displays any errors, please contact our support staff

If you would like to receive notifications of activity on your PokemonGo Map, then allow notifications.

pokemongo map notifications

And Voila! You should see all of the Pokemon that are lurking in your neighborhood.

The map below is near our office in Miami, Florida.

pokemongo map florida

If you click on a specific Pokemon, you will see when it will actually disappear. The number that represents each Pokemon is linked to Pokedex where you can see stats and more information.

Top left of the screen are Options which also include hiding common Pokemon and notifying you when specific Pokemon are close to your location.

pokemongo map options

If you toggle Scanned Locations these will be highlighted.

scanned pokemongo locations

And you can even choose to be notified (sound option also) when a specific Pokemon lands on the map. And the best part, you can add any location in the Change your location box as you’re travelling around town!

pokemongo map notifications usa

This is how a notification appears in a browser (Chrome):

pokemon map notification

The Final Result

In total we created 5 maps and at times, they can take a few minutes to actually populate. We also noticed that they seem to be geared towards a single user (i.e your own personal map). So if one person is using the map, it might not work if a second user accesses it. It works brilliantly on an iPhone and we also tested it on Samsung.

The maps are accurate! We took a drive and chased Pokemon and located and caught several. My sons and their friends are now asking how to create their own maps and my parent cred just went through the roof.

If you have a problem with your map, visit the GitHub page where you can add requests, contribute to the project or report issues.

And that’s it! Now you can see in real-time every Pokemon, gym and Pokestop in your area.

Try it yourself with our 14-day FREE trial.

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