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Covering VMware Hosting Providers

By July 18, 2013VMware

VMware is an American software company that provides cloud and virtualization hosting and software services to businesses and individuals alike. Founded in 1998, the software runs on Microsoft Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X. It also has its own server hardware, which does not require a particular operating system to be able to work. The company is a fast-growing, successful business that provides hosting and backup through clouds and other forms of services. It is also available through other companies, and it is not hard to find VMware hosting providers.

When working in or owning your own business, the data that you store every day is of extreme importance. Most of the data is what makes a company run – it contains critical information about clients, accounts, discussions, and employees. No one wants to think about their computer crashing, causing them to lose all of their documents and personal information, so imagine owning a company and having the same thing happen. The results would be catastrophic, and can mean big trouble to a big or small company. This is why it is important to use a VMware hosting provider to find out how you can use their hosting services, or seek out a backup plan that you can run through your already existing cloud hosting, or purchase a brand new plan altogether.

Many VMware hosting providers can allow customers to host through VMware software or hardware servers, or they can opt for a backup plan for their already existing cloud. This backup plan allows companies to backup their data and documents virtually, so they aren’t wasting any time or money using other means of backing up.

If you need data protection in the cloud, has excellent VMware backup plans to suit your company and your needs. Some of these plans include VMware packages, which contain a low monthly fee for replication storage for 100GB min), replication storage for less than 1TB, replication storage for less than 5TB, and replication storage for less than 15TB. All of these plans can be acquired for $1.50 or less a month. If you already have a cloud server, and wish to integrate VMware backup, there are also many cloud server plans to choose from. These plans include Entry Level, Basic, SmallBiz, and Professional. Each of these plans range from $49-$159. The GB for each plan ranges from 25-100GB for your hard drive, and bandwidth ranges from 1,000-1,500GB. Our backup plans are easily some of the cost efficient you will find, making us an excellent choice out of many VMware hosting providers.

Some of the key features that come with our backup plan include state-of-the-art network-switching architecture for maximized throughput capacity, improved performance, speed and reliability, 100% scheduled uptime, 24/7/356 email support, SAS 70 complaint facility, and a 30 day money back guarantee if you aren’t satisfied with the product. What other VMware hosting providers can provide that to you?

Our VMware services also come with optional components should you wish to install them. These include virtual machine subscription, which are virtual machines that can attach to the replicated volumes for data integrity confirmation, and virtual production readiness, which is a mirror of all production servers, virtual and physical, to allow for fast site recovery. These are things that many VMware hosting providers do not provide for their clients.

When owning a business, it is important to make sure that all of your data and pertinent information is safe. Our services will increase performance, provide low downtime, and will save you money in the long run. We provide disaster recovery for clients who are using Veeam for their backup needs. If you are already using Veeam, it is quite simple to make the switch over to VMware backup. As a VMware hosting provider, our service works to leverage Veeam’s replication technology to copy critical data to our datacenter.

Whatever your needs are, can take care of them. It is important to choose reliable and well-known VMware hosting providers to get the job done right – and that’s what we at do. We make sure that your data is also secure, and you can rest easy at night knowing that if anything should happen, we’ve got you covered.




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