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By October 23, Awards

Our  CEO, Anton Resnick, will be a guest speaker at The First HitPath Masters Conference 2012 October 25th-26th at the Loews, New Orleans.  He will be highlighting the importance of security and hardware Infrastructure.

About Anton

Anton is the Founder and CEO of He began in 1998 with the vision of delivering reliable, scalable and secure web hosting solutions to individuals and businesses of all sizes. This is possible because the responsibility, pricing of software licenses, servers, maintenance and support is absorbed by allowing the customer to rent high-end corporate technology worry-free. As part of the culture Anton has instilled a level of accountability for all products and services that the company provides. Prior to establishing Anton worked for several ISPs in South Africa and Miami. Anton attended college and then traveled the globe researching and learning from industry experts the latest technologies. He now resides in Cape Town, South Africa with his family and commutes to Miami regularly.


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