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How can my business benefit from integrated e-commerce?

e-commerce shopping cart

All-inclusive e-commerce infrastructure is the best option for your corporate Web site. An all inclusive “turnkey”, integrated e-commerce infrastructure means that you do not have to assemble all the pieces that compose your online storefront by yourself.

High-tier service providers such as Webhosting.Net specialize in providing customized, turnkey e-commerce solutions to both mid- and large-sized enterprise clientele. Our firm recognizes that the online order process is a complex chain of synchronized processes and applications. Webhosting.Net focuses on providing the synchronization required to integrate all existing systems, applications and databases that underpin an e-commerce environment.

Businesses that handle millions of transactions per day need an integrated e-commerce deployment process that can scale to support growth of their business and technical objectives. Many businesses, however, cannot internally deploy or expand e-commerce functionality with the speed, quality, or reliability needed to stay competitive, resulting in substantial revenue losses. As a consequence, the use of an outsourced high-tier service provider, such as Webhosting.Net, to deploy and provide e-commerce systems often makes the most sense.

Leveraging the years of experience a service provider has concerning software development, payment processing integration and fulfillment systems provides online retailers with a definite advantage. Webhosting.Net has specialized in building high-end e-commerce systems for many customers over the previous 10 years. We recognize that internal software development life-cycles often fail to reduce delays and minimize hand-offs between development teams, yielding sub-optimal e-commerce systems that are too slow, expensive, and inflexible.

The cumulative experience that our firm has amassed allows your organization instead to gain from our extensive experience in building excellent, integrated e-commerce back-ends. Of course, our firm does not only devise and develop back-end systems. Webhosting.Net also deploys the customer-facing applications that drive overall business operations. Due to all these advantages, is arguably the better choice for outsourcing your integrated e-commerce infrastructure.

Webhosting.Net also however does provide a la carte services to businesses. Consumers can obtain storefront shopping cart systems through our small business Web hosting offerings. The firm can also provide small and mid-sized businesses with merchant accounts.

Every payment made with a credit card involves the transfer of funds to a merchant account, which a merchant holds directly with a bank. The merchant has full responsibility for the transactions that occur with their account, and each bank has its own terms of service to which account holders must adhere.

Webhosting.Net offers free signup for merchant account services. Credit card processing technology is essential for a Web site since it can boost by many manifold the credibility and revenue opportunities for your business. By signing up for a merchant account through Webhosting.Net, you can obtain same day approval with no application or setup fees. The service provider also provides 24/7 tool-free support along with a personalized account representative to help you administer your account. Obtaining a merchant account is an important step if you plan on a large number of transactions occurring through your Web site. Such a service, along with more integrated e-commerce offerings, can be expertly provided by Webhosting.Net.

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