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How can we boost SQL performance using Nimble SANs and VMware?

vmware is proud to leverage Nimble Storage arrays for its customer’s storage area network and virtual desktop interface deployments.

Nimble Storage arrays are the industry’s only flash-optimized storage solution designed to increase efficiency. Built on a patented “Cache Accelerated Sequential Layout (CASL)” architectire, Nimble Storage offers scalable performance, exceptional efficiency, integrated data protection, and simple push-button management. As a result, customers can run more workloads and perform more backup operations with less storage infrastructure.

CASL accelerates applications by using flash memory as a read cache in conjunction with a write-optimized data layout. It protects data by supporting instant snapshots for easy backup and restoration, along with efficient replication for disaster recovery. Nimble Storage’s intuitive, automated tools greatly simplify storage and data management, reducing operational overhead. uses Nimble Storage to deliver accelerated performance for greater throughput and IOPS, and latencies of less than a millisecond for its clients. Nimble also provides greater storage efficiency, reducing the storage footprint needed by 30 to 75 percent. The storage infrastructure also offers non-disruptive scaling to fit changing application needs through increased performance or capacity, or both. Increased data and storage availability with integrated data protection and disaster recovery is a key benefit of Nimble, as well as simplified storage management that reduces day-to-day operation overhead.

Importantly, Nimble Storage arrays provide input/output (I/O) optimization and protection features that greatly benefit SQL Server implementations. Nimble’s groundbreaking technology eliminates storage tuning for database applications like SQL Server by caching hot data to flash solid state drives (SSD) in real-time so that it is ready when needed. The end result: SQL Server runs faster.

This places application data into a consistent state that is safe for backup and recovery, ensuring that the database can safely start and be assured that the data is in a form that SQL Server can read and trust when recovering data after an outage or user error. Nimble’s live upgrade and uninterrupted scalability also allows users to quickly add more storage and to increase performance levels, without any downtime. Add to that Nimble’s highly efficient snapshot and
replication technology and you have a instantaneous backup solution for critical database data.

Nimble Storage is also built to provide flash storage solutions for server virtualization. The storage environment can fully integrate with VMWare deployments that are running SQL Server, and takes advantage of this. Nimble is designed to quickly deploy virtual machines and applications, including test and development environments. Nimble arrays provide “scale-to-fit” storage performance and capacity which can meet virtualized infrastructure and application growth. The system speeds up production deployments of virtualization projects, and even permits the virtualization of critical applications within virtualized operating systems, such as SQL. The end result: virtualized environments using Nimble Storage run faster.

Most importantly, Nimble Storage allows clients to save time and resources by allowing them to administrate and manage storage in real-time. The addition of burstable storage that can grow when more resources are immediately required, makes Nimble a notable and important feature of a SAN deployment.

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