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Businesses on Cloud Nine with Hybrid Cloud Computing

By June 17, 2013Uncategorized

The corporate, mobile world began with public cloud servers. Public cloud servers can be shared by thousands of people all over the world. Those who provide the cloud servers are able to sell bandwidth and storage at a much cheaper rate than those who are in the business of actual physical servers. But what had some companies worried was that data placed on to public cloud servers can be seen by all of the other users on said servers. What if companies could use a private server along with a public server, while reaping the benefits of both? This resulted in the generated idea of a hybrid cloud.

A hybrid cloud is made up of at least two components: a private cloud and a public cloud. Organizations that choose to work with this computing system mange some of their data within their organization, while the remaining is provided externally. The use of this hybrid is very beneficial to organizations, as they are able to take advantage of the low cost of maintaining a public cloud, while still maintaining an in-house secure network which will not display data to third-party networks and individuals. Thus, the hybrid version of cloud computing remains secure while still allowing businesses to enjoy the benefits of both public and private cloud servers.

Because hybrid cloud computing includes the use of both private and public clouds, organizations may start to wonder about the safety of their data, and whether or not they have to go completely on to a public cloud. Business owners need not worry; confidential data that is not meant to be seen by the public, third party users doesn’t have to be placed on to a public server. The integration of the private cloud means that organizations can keep important information locked up safely in-house, while the lower priority information can be placed on to the public cloud server. So really, it’s the best of both worlds.

At, we provide hybrid cloud hosting plans that are sure to suit the needs of all businesses, big or small. We offer reliability, scalability, and productivity while providing you with a secure environment where your data will be safely stored. The flexibility of the servers allows for the ever-changing corporate world, adapting to the constant transformations that happen every day in business environments. Not only that, but we have taken it upon ourselves to absorb the cost of ownership, allowing you to cut down on some the expenses that would be present should you have to own and manage your own hardware. With these savings, businesses will be able place funds into other areas of the organization where it can be better used.

The most important thing you can do is to choosing a hybrid cloud hosting company that knows what your company needs, and is able to provide the best service and reliability so that your organization can run smoothly and stress-free. Let take you to cloud nine – make the transition to hybrid cloud server hosting for maximum benefit.

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