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Bring Your Own Device A Growing Trend in the Corporate World

By May 23, 2013BYOD

bring your own deviceThe “bring your own device” revolution is heating up in many corporate settings. The term refers to the policy of permitting employees to bring their personal devices, whether it is laptops, mobile phones, or tablets, into the workplace to substitute for company-provided devices. With these devices, employees are able to access company networks, information, and applications, dissolving the need for the company to provide devices to employees. The concept was developed in 2009, and has been growing ever since.

Recent news has stated that by 2017, more than half of companies will require their employees to supply their own devices in the workplace, and by 2016, thirty-eight percent of companies expect to stop supplying devices to employees entirely. The requirement to bring your own device to the workplace would cause many to rejoice; however, as with any major trend, there are both pros and cons.

One major pro of the requirement to bring your own device is that companies will save a significant amount of money by having their employees supply their own technology. This means that money saved by not having to purchase hundreds of employee devices can effectively be put in to other areas of the company. Some other pros include employee productivity increase, and the ability for employees to choose the type of laptop, tablet or cellphone they would most prefer.

One of the major cons of the ‘bring your own device’ program is the fact that employees will have access to private company information, and because it is being accessed on their own personal device, the information has the opportunity to be leaked. Also, if an employee is terminated or resigns from their position, the information they accessed may still remain on their personal device. If the departure was not on good terms, this could cause issues for the company.

However, there are many ways to secure company networks to ensure that crucial data and information is not released to those it shouldn’t be. has a wide range of web hosting services that allow for secure and easily-maintainable servers. Cloud hosting is an especially popular service that the company provides. While hybrid cloud hosting servers are interconnected, and can allow for leakage among them, ensures that the integrity of all data is maintained and remains safe, making it perfect for a ‘bring your own device’ program.

If you intend to bring your own device to the workplace, cloud hosting has the ability to allow any device, be it a laptop, tablet, or smartphone to connect to the group of interconnected servers so that employees can access much-needed data and information from whatever device they choose to use. This means that if they are out of the office, and a client needs information right away, employees will be able to access said information and send it to the client in a timely manner.

If you’re planning on starting a ‘bring your own device’ program in your company, has a wide range of safe and reliable hosting services.

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