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BOYD What’s in it for the Employees

By May 29, 2013BYOD

BYODThe term BYOD (Bring Your Own Device), developed in 2009, refers to the permitting of employees to bring their personal devices (laptops, mobile phones, or tablets) into the workplace to use for job-related purposes. With these devices, employees are able to access company networks, information, and applications, dissolving the need for the company to provide devices to employees. The trend is growing rapidly, recent news stating that more than fifty percent of companies will require their employees to supply their own devices by 2017 and thirty-eight percent by 2016. Employees of various companies could soon find themselves asking an appropriate question: what’s in it for me?

Although the BYOD program can be seen as a positive, there are areas in which employees might question the validity of it all, such as finances, accessibility, and convenience. Employees want to know that change is going to bring about easier working conditions, which is exactly what bringing personal devices into the workplace will do.

While companies will save a large amount of money by implementing the BYOD program, employees may start to wonder if they’re getting the short end of the stick by paying more. This is not the case. While companies who have implemented the program indeed require employees to bring in their own devices, the organizations will often pay for any usage charges that are job-related. This helps to relive some of the financial burden that is placed on employees. Plus, if employees already have devices they can bring in, it will cost them virtually nothing.

Another benefit of the BYOD program is that employees will be able to choose the type of laptop, tablet or smartphone they want to use. Perhaps certain individuals prefer Blackberry products to Apple products; the ability to bring in their own device will allow them to choose, whereas if they company was supplying the technology, they may not have gotten the brand they wanted.

When companies choose to use’s services, accessibility and convenience for employees is a big priority. The company has a wide range of web hosting services that allow for secure and easily-maintainable servers. If you intend to BYOD to the workplace, cloud hosting has the ability to allow any device, be it a laptop, tablet, or smartphone to connect to the group of interconnected servers so that employees can access much-needed data and information from whatever device they choose to use. This means that if they are out of the office, and a client needs information right away, employees will be able to access said information and send it to the client in a timely manner. Employees will have full access to all of the data they need to make their job easier and ensure that their duties are being completed in a timely and efficient manner.

If the company you work for is planning on implementing a BYOD program, the benefits are endless. Employees will have the comfort of knowing they are using their own personal device, and with the convenience of’s hosting services, they could even see their productivity improve.

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