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What are the benefits of Web Hosting for small business?

miami web hostingA Web host allows a small business consumer to escape all of the associated responsibilities that are related to the process of maintaining and operating Web host services. By leveraging an experienced hosting company such as Webhosting.Net, small businesses avoid:

  • Managing network connectivity
  • Monitoring Web site traffic
  • Allocating bandwidth
  • Dynamically re-routing Web traffic
  • Managing multiple application and server resources
  • Maintaining and monitoring Web site logs, reports and analysis
  • Developing seamless integration with Web site applications and databases
  • Administering and providing security, reliability and environmental controls

By using an external Web hosting company such as Webhosting.Net, small businesses can leverage the following fundamental values that drive dependable service:

  • Innovation – or the ability to leverage technology to create cost-effective, innovative solutions;
  • Performance – or the ability to provide high-quality service when transmitting your data;
  • Support – or the ability to ensure that the consumer can learn how to use outsourced services effectively; and
  • Reliability – or the ability to ensure that services and technology platforms are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

By outsourcing Web hosting functions to a qualified provider such as Webhosting.Net, a small business is able to take advantage of the efficiency and functionality of the Web to enable and grow its business.

Small businesses can develop a Web site presence to:

  • Increase their customer reach to a global audience.
  • Decrease advertising costs.
  • Conduct commerce online.

Many small businesses set up Web sites that act as simple “online brochures” that outline vital business information. Entrepreneurs recognize that a Web site is a powerful way to promote a venture to both new and existing clients. Most small businesses create Web sites to generate leads and advertise their products and services. The deployment of a Web site allows them to collect contact information, and publish marketing collateral about their business. A Web site is always available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so it is a solid method to constantly publicize information about products and services.

Often, a Web site is also used by a small business to provide customer support. A Web site is an excellent conduit for providing all sorts of in-depth product information to the consumer. If your customer has a technical question, a troubleshooting problem, or a special application, you can use your Web site to convey technical information at low cost.

Increasingly, however, small businesses are using Web sites to conduct e-commerce. Many businesses are opting to sell their products and services online. The advantage of establishing an Internet presence is that orders and transactions can be processed around the clock in real-time. Furthermore, a wide number of products can also be cataloged and even inventoried. An online storefront can include thousands of products, prices, descriptions and photos, at a cost far below that of printing a product catalog.

Because of its capacity to market and even sell products and services on a 24/7 basis, Web hosting must be reliable. This reliability becomes even more crucial when a Web site is an e-commerce site, and the primary conduit responsible for driving sales and communicating with potential customers for a small business. Due to the need for reliability, small businesses should consider using Webhosting.Net’s bundle of hosting services for small business.

Small businesses can benefit by leveraging the extensive infrastructure that Webhosting.Net has built out since 1998, along with many years of expertise that Webhosting.Net has in providing services to thousands of small businesses.

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