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What are the benefits of SAN to SAN replication?

By October 29, 2014SAN replication

san replicationSAN to SAN replication is a service where a centralized repository of stored or archived data is duplicated to another centralized data repository in real-time. Storage area network replication provides an extra measure of redundancy in case a main storage system fails.

As we have mentioned before, SANs typically provide mid- to large-sized businesses access to consolidated, block level data storage throughout their enterprise. SANs are primarily used to enhance storage devices, such as disk arrays, and make them accessible to servers so that the devices appear like locally attached devices to the operating system. provides comprehensive SAN solutions to its enterprise-level clients. The service provider’’s SAN backup solutions offers stability and can be customized to fit unique needs and budgets. For many businesses utilizing this model, SAN resides in the cloud, such as within a data center, which powers important applications or entire working environments, vis-a-vis desktop virtualization. Due to the increasing importance of the data that is stored in such cloud architecture, data protection is critical. SAN to SAN replication offers protection for this data ensconced in the cloud.

With SAN-to-SAN replication from, mission critical data and applications are replicated between multiple data sources, quickly, easily and with little to no disruption to network availability. In fact, using SAN to SAN replication enables an automated and almost instantaneous transition to a disaster recovery environment, eliminating the need for in-house IT staff to reload applications and data from secondary storage such as tape or disk, which is a time-consuming process, during which impacted applications will be unavailable to staff and customers. Immediate access to the replicated data minimizes downtime and its associated costs.

The service, when properly implemented by a service provider such as, can streamline disaster recovery processes by generating duplicate copies of all backed-up files on a continuous basis. It can also speed up and simplify recovery from a natural or human-caused disaster such as a fire, flood or hurricane.

SAN to SAN replication is cost-effective for enterprises because it allows them to build out a highly resilient disaster recovery solution for a fraction of the cost of traditional methods. Furthermore, SAN to SAN solutions need not be in the same geo-location. By using SAN to SAN replication, enterprises can employ quick fail-over between data centers in the event of a systems fault or natural disaster.

SAN to SAN replication is also designed with simplified management in mind. As a result, such systems ensure fast and reliable recovery with automated disaster recovery fail-over and non-disruptive testing.

The best feature of SAN to SAN replication, however is that if your enterprise has already opted for centralized SAN storage for its primary data store from, then the additional capital and time investments required to duplicate hardware and virtual replication platforms are next to nil. can literally simply “turn on” the service instantly, leveraging its existing cloud-based storage area network infrastructure to ensure that critical data contained in your data environment, whether it be applications, archived data or even virtual desktop interfaces running throughout the enterprise are protected. Contact today to learn more about the benefits that SAN to SAN replication can provide your business.

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