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A Growing Solution with Virtual Private Server Hosting

Virtual Private Server HostingToo little space. Not enough control. Slow service. Are these complaints you have about your current hosting solution? For many companies, finding a hosting service that can grow with your needs is tough to do. Outgrowing a shared hosting plan can leave a business feeling lost and not knowing what to do next. If your company is currently facing this situation, keep reading: virtual private server hosting might just be the best choice for you.

Virtual private server hosting: what is it exactly? Let’s compare it to shared hosting—in shared hosting, you are renting a certain amount of space in a server that’s managed by a hosting company. You are allocated the space and features that the hosting company can give you. However, this can mean slow network speeds and can leave you without the space you need to expand. That’s where virtual private server hosting comes into the picture.

A virtual server is a server that has been virtually partitioned to act as multiple servers. Virtualization means that something has changed state but can still be thought of as the same—for example, you can partition your hard drive to have multiple operating systems but you still think of it as one single hard drive. When you use virtual private server hosting, you are using a virtual machine that can be run like multiple servers. This allows you to have full system configuration, customization and administration. Essentially, a virtual private server gives you the same range of features as a dedicated server—but without the monumental cost.

Speaking of cost, one of the great benefits to VPS hosting is that it’s an incredibly cost-effective solution. You only pay for the resources you use. You decide how much memory, disc space, and processor speed you need. This high degree of customisability lets you scale your virtual private server hosting to your company’s needs. If your system needs to be modified or added to, all you have to do is add more resources to your virtual private server.

Another example of the cost-effectiveness inherent to virtual private server hosting, is the fact that one server can manage multiple websites. With most businesses, growth accelerates the number of websites or website features that they need to manage. Growth means a larger number of customers using these websites. With virtual private server hosting, running your own websites is economical. You no longer need one server per website—you only need one virtualized server.

As well, virtual private server hosting makes managing your websites efficient and time-effective. Instead of having to make universal changes through each website’s server, in which you do the same thing multiple times, you make the change once. Because your virtual private server is managing all of your websites, you only have to make universal changes once. This is called centralized management. As you can imagine, this saves you a tremendous amount of time and effort.

If you think virtual private server hosting will be the best choice for your business, contact provides a range of virtual private server hosting solutions designed to work for your company now, and in the future.

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