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4 Reasons Why Miami-Based Businesses Benefit from VoIP Phone Service

By July 1, 2015VoIP


The growing use of mobile and cloud technologies within small and medium sized businesses have also given rise to the number of businesses using hosted Voice over Internet Protocol phone service or more commonly known as VoIP.

As of matter of fact, it is estimated that 65% of business will use some form of VoIP within the next few years. Given this fact, VoIP providers have worked to bring innovative features that businesses and their employees require to compete in today’s environment.

One such innovative feature is that VoIP services can integrate with cloud-based applications such as and provide the features needed for today’s increasingly mobile and remote workforce.

Here are four additional benefits that businesses can expect when they move to a hosted VoIP phone system.

  1. Cost savings. Hosted VoIP is far more cost-effective than their traditional phone system counterparts. First, service is less expensive because calling uses the Internet instead of copper wires. Second, there’s no expensive hardware to buy and maintain. Third, businesses can purchase and use the amount of service they need without having to pay for excess capacity.
  1. Mobility. Hosted VoIP easily works with mobile phones. First, it works through Smartphones via a dedicated app or the web. Second, it works wherever there is Internet access, even where cellular coverage is sparse.
  1. Voicemail anywhere. With a hosted VoIP system, voicemail can be checked from any web browser. While this sounds like a minor reason to use hosted VoIP, it can have a huge impact in day-to-day business life, especially for business professional that are on the go.
  1. More functionality. Along with everything we’ve listed, hosted VoIP solutions come with just about every calling feature a business could need, and usually without additional cost. This could include call screening services to simultaneous ringing on multiple devices and dynamic caller ID functionality. Not to mention integration with other web services.

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