iPhone Active Sync Set Up

This tutorial will guide you through setting up your Exchange mailbox on the iPhone.

1) On the Home screen, tap Settings.
2) Tap Mail, Calendars and Contacts.
3) Tap Add Account
4) Tap Microsoft Exchange (Enter the following Information)

Email: < Your Email Address >
Domain: < Leave Blank >
Username: < Your Email Address >
Password: < Your Mailbox Password >
Description: < A Description of the Account >

5) Tap Next
6) A new screen will appear with a new field called Server.
7) Type in the following address for your Exchange environment

For Exchange 2013 (Sh6): mail.sh6.cloudhostsite.com

8) Tap Next
9) Choose which type of Exchange data you would like to have synced to your device.

(Email, Calendars and/or Contacts)

10) Tap Save

Your device should now be synchronized with your Webhosting.net Exchange account.

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