Creating an Account in

This guide will take you thru the process of creating an account in WHDomains and how to purchase a domain for your account.

Navigate to

1.Click on Create Account.

Create Account

2.Fill out all information with a red asterisk.

(For the Log in Credentials you can create any login and password that you wish)

When completed click the Create Account button.

Fill out all information with a red asterisk

3.On the account page you will first need to add a credit card.

add a credit card

4.Fill out all areas with a red asterisk.

Once completed click on the Save Changes button.

account settings

To register a new domain add it in the Register domain section at the top of the page and click GO.

register a new domain


6.If the domain that you have chosen is available, then you will be able to Click Buy then you will be able to go to Check Out.

register a new domain

7.Before finalizing your purchase, you will be able to add on multiple years to the registration of your domain. Once completed click on Checkout Now.

shopping cart

8.You will receive an email with confirmation about the account creation and an invoice for your purchase.

You can find further information about your new account such as transferring a Domain, Retrieving a Lost Password, DNS Server Setting and more at

in Domain Names



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