Change Email Account Quota

The quota for an address defines the amount of mail, in Megabytes, that the account can store. When your mailbox exceeds this limit, the system returns any incoming mail to the sender with a message which states the recipient’s mailbox is full.

It is important to keep track of quota usage, because you cannot receive email with a full quota.


  • The quota calculation does not include your mailbox’s trash folder.
  • You cannot exceed the quota that your hosting provider sets.
  • Due to mail server constraints, you cannot assign quotas greater than 2048 MB (2 GB) on 32-bit operating systems and 4096000 MB (4096 GB or 4 TB) on 64-bit operating systems. You must assign the unlimited value for quotas that exceed these amounts.

To change a mail quota, perform the following steps:

  1. Click Change Quota.
  2. Enter the new email quota, in Megabytes, in the appropriate text box. For an unlimited account, click unlimited.
  3. Click Change Quota to store the new value.

To keep the quota, click cancel.

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