Install Cyclos 4 in One-Click with Jelastic

If you do not have an active Jelastic account with, visit our Jelastic Marketplace, where you can install Cyclos 4 Pro (or Cyclos 3 CE) in just one click and all the hard work and configuration is done for you.

cyclos 4 installation USA

Hover over Cyclos4 Pro and you will see an install button

easy cyclos 4 installation

Click on install and enter your email address and then click on the blue arrow

cyclos 4 install

And you will see a notification to check your email

USA Cyclos 4 hosting

You will receive an email requesting confirmation of the deployment of Cyclos 4 to your Jelastic account

email confirmation cyclos4

Click on the link within the email and enter a secure password for your account, and a phone number to receive an activation code via SMS

verify jelastic account

Enter your activation code and click continue

jelastic activation code

Name your environment (in our case we have named it Cyclos4) and click install

create cyclos 4 environment

In just a few minutes, your environment will be created and Cyclos 4 will be configured

preparing cyclos4 environment.

You will receive a series of emails confirming the successful installation of Cyclos 4

Jelastic – PostgreSQL node successfully added

Jelastic – Your environment has been successfully created

Jelastic – Application has been successfully deployed

And within the platform, the option to open in a browser or add a custom domain name to your Cyclos 4 installation

cyclos4 instance URL

When you open in a browser you will see Cyclos license server authentication

Cyclos license server authentication

Enter your existing Cyclos credentials, or register for a Cyclos 4 Pro account here.

And it’s that easy!

Define the name of your Cyclos instance (application name) and the localization settings

cyclos 4 basic configuration

Specify the administrator and password that you will use for global (system) administration

cyclos4 system administrator settings

And you’re all set!

Here’s how it looks within the Jelastic platform

cyclos 4 environment jelastic USA

If you’re an existing Jelastic user at, simply login to your dashboard

Navigate to the Marketplace (top left of the dashboard), select Cyclos 4 Pro and click install – and follow the same steps as above.

jelastic cyclos 4 marketplace

Setting up Cyclos 4 Pro on Jelastic Cloud is a breeze. Our one-click installation feature saves your time and you don’t need a developer or system administrator to do the work for you – because Jelastic powered by does it all for you.

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