Add SSH Key

When you have your SSH key generated, you can add it to your Jelastic account.

For adding a public SSH key, which subsequently can be used for gaining SSH access to your Jelastic account, proceed to the steps below:

1. Open the Jelastic dashboard and navigate to the upper toolbar.


Click the Settings button.

2. The Account Setting tab with the already selected SSH Keychain option will be opened.

SSH Keychain

Within this section, you can find some information about the SSH protocol usage at Jelastic and the possibilities it provides with a few useful links to documentation.

3. Once you are acquainted with the details above, switch to the Public sub-option and click the Add Public Key button.

Add Public Key

4.Paste the previously generated public key to the Key input field. The Add Public Key field will be automatically populated if your key already contains this value (or you can specify your own one here).

Click Add Key.

Add Key

5.As a result, the added SSH key will appear in the list, while you’ll simultaneously receive an email with details on it (like title, fingerprint and connection string for your SSH client).

added SSH key will appear in the list

In this way, you can add several keys or delete the unnecessary ones using the red-cross button.

Note: that the added SSH key is attached to your account, but not just to a separate environment.


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