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VMware Disaster Recovery Solutions: Protect Your Data

By March 25, 2013Uncategorized

One of the worst situations a business owner can ever be in is to lose all of their data. It’s an unfortunate truth, but it does happen. All of your digital information can be damaged or lost due to human error, natural disasters, hardware failings, theft, and the list goes on. Restoring your data and systems can take a long time, can get very expensive, and you might not even get all of your data back. Why take this risk? With VMware disaster recovery solutions, you can rest assured that no matter what happens, your information is safe and secure.

VMware is a virtual infrastructure that unifies hardware resources, creating a shared platform for infrastructure, application, and management services. Unless you’re an IT specialist, that definition might give you more questions than answers. Let’s analyze it in simpler terms.

First, an “infrastructure” is a networking framework—when computers are connected to each other, they create a network. This allows computers to communicate with each other; most networks are connected to the Internet through a server. A “platform” is the underlying structure of a system. Hardware and applications are developed around platform types. You might have heard about “cross-platform” software before—these are applications developed to work on various platforms. Therefore, a “shared platform” is a system that can run the same hardware and applications. When your infrastructure is virtual, it means that your infrastructure, hardware, and applications are stored in a cloud data-centre

Using VMware stores all of your information virtually, which is good—but how often does it update? For most companies, finding the time to copy and replicate all of their data is a time-consuming process. This is where VMware disaster recovery systems come into the picture! provides VMware disaster recovery solutions using Veeam, a back-up and replication software. Veeam copies and replicates your data, allowing for a fast and flexible recovery of files, applications, or an entire virtual machine. Imagine as if everything on your computer is copied and stored in a safe place. If you accidentally delete something, you can just open the Veeam software—it will show you what has been copied and replicated. All you have to do is choose what file, folders, or machine to restore, and where to restore it to.

What are the implications of this? We have already thought about how helpful it would be have all your data almost instantly copied and stored away safely—expand that example to an entire company.  Imagine how beneficial it is to have VMware disaster recovery solutions protecting all the data a large company has. Without regular backups, a company’s data is essentially being put at risk, at the expense of time and money. No company wants to waste their resources trying to find, reinstall, or organize their data. Again, why take that chance?

VMware disaster recovery systems ensure that your virtual information is protected and secure. provides a variety of VMware packages, so you can choose a plan best suited to your company’s unique needs. You can choose how much storage you have—plans range from 100GB to 15TB of replication storage. Each plan provides affordability and is based on a monthly fee.

Features of’s VMware disaster recovery systems also include 100% scheduled up time—your system doesn’t stop working, or slow you down, during the backup. Plans also use state-of-the-art technology for maximum quality, generating improved performance and speed. also provides 24/7/365 support over e-mail and live phone assistance.

This is why using a disaster recovery solution can be compared to owning insurance; it’s there when you most need it. However, with insurance, you hope you never have to use it, and when you do, you dread that your premiums will increase. That’s one of the great things about VMware disaster recovery systems—no premiums, no penalties for using it, and you can use it whenever, and for whatever, you want.  From recovering simple files, all the way up to restoring an entire server, this is software that safeguards your entire business.

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