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Quality hosting companies are extensions of your IT team

webhosting-logoWhy is using hosting service providers worth it for your small to mid-sized business?  Because using a quality hosting company can augment your internal IT resources.

Web hosting companies primarily offer Internet hosting services that allow individuals and organizations to obtain and build their own customized Web site. Web hosts can provide space on a server that they own for use by their clients as well as server colocation space in a data center facility for servers provided by their clients. Hosting companies are expert in the deployment of Internet server resources and connectivity.  But increasingly, many hosting firms also have demonstrated great expertise in enterprise-class software configuration and maintenance. This experience can be leveraged by small and mid-sized businesses so that they do not have to pay for extremely expensive hired IT help.

Experienced, high-end hosting firms such as offer their clientele a number of convenient consulting service offerings.  The main idea behind these offerings is to provide clients with a one-stop-shop for IT services.  Why only use your provider for only Web site provision, when that provider can also provide a wider range of services that integrate with those very offerings?

By dealing with only one company for your Web-related services, you have one, simplified point of contact and draw upon one stream of expertise. Most importantly, this approach ensures that the experts who deal with additional services have the know-how to integrate your added services into existing software platforms and infrastructures.

As an example, offers its customers Web design services, which are a perfect complement to its hosting options.  The hosting firm can build out a new site or if you already have an existing site, can work with you to maximize conversion rates. aims to use its internal team of experts to save you money by eliminating any costly additional fees associated with using an independent designer. The firm also provides a wide range of business services, which include desktop virtualization, continuity services in the event of a disaster and hosted business communication tools such as hosted Exchange server and Sharepoint.

Desktop virtualization as explained previously allows you to run your entire organization’s corporate computing environment with full applications in the cloud.  Continuity services entail critical data backup tools for businesses in case of catastrophic events such as fire or a hurricane. And hosted Exchange and Sharepoint services allow business users to outsource both their e-mail and internal communication requirements using Microsoft’s popular software packages.

Hosted Exchange is a service whereby a provider makes a Microsoft e-mail box with storage space available on a server so clients can host their data on the server. The provider manages the hosted data of its clients on the server. Clients can access their emails, address book, task management and documents by a Webmail interface or through desktop client software. E-mails can also be routed to mobile computers or phones through push technology. SharePoint provides business organizations with intranet portals, document and file management, collaboration, social networks, extranets, enterprise search and other business intelligence. It also has system integration, process integration, and workflow automation capabilities.

These tools, when combined with Web hosting services increase productivity.  When purchased through a single hosting provider such as, infrastructure can be fine-tuned to work flawlessly.  Further, the use of a single Web host provider for these services ensure the simplicity of a single biller and increase the possibility of service discounts.

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