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Microsoft Exchange Email Hosting Revolutionizing Office Communication

Microsoft exchange email hosting The most common of office communication is done through email. However, it can be one of the most inefficient ways of getting your message across. You have probably experienced the hassle and frustration of trying to keep up with the incoming flow of messages, trying to track down recipient addresses, coordinating team projects, and the constant threat of security issues like viruses. As you can imagine, some companies have a love-hate relationship with email; but these companies haven’t experienced Microsoft Exchange email hosting

Microsoft exchange email hosting is a software service that is revolutionizing the institution of email. Microsoft Exchange is an elegant piece of software that merges email, messaging, and calendar functions into one neat package. With Microsoft Exchange email hosting, your company suddenly has one place for you and your employees to meet virtually, brainstorm, collaborate, and communicate effectively. You can send emails, instant message each other, and set aside dates and future plans all from one place. It can transform your company’s email into a secure and efficient system that’s easy and intuitive to use.

What are some of the features of Microsoft Exchange email hosting?

A Microsoft exchange email hosting plan  is convenient and accessible – advanced software features allow users to access their email accounts on any mobile device. This means that you can do everything Microsoft Exchange email hosting offers on a computer, laptop, tablet, or mobile phone. It also runs across numerous platforms; whether you prefer using Apple, Android, or Blackberry technology, you are sure to be connected and working efficiently. All information entered into the software is automatically synced—no matter what device you use, your information remains relevant and up-to-date.

Data loss prevention (DLP) is another feature of Microsoft Exchange email hosting. DLP safeguards your company’s private data by identifying and marking sensitive data and notifying the user about potential policy violations. The DLP feature can be updated to include policies that are necessary to the running of your business. With Microsoft Exchange email hosting, you be sure that your data is safe and secure from both human and virtual threats.

Microsoft Exchange email hosting also offers your employees the opportunity to collaborate easily with shared spaces: public folders and shared mailboxes. Features also include a messaging assistant, an instant search feature, and RRS feed supporter. As well, Microsoft Exchange email hosting also includes SharePoint and Lync integration. All of this means that your employees can share, manage, and work together on documents easily and effectively.

And not to forget about security, Microsoft Exchange email hosting is as safe a system as you could want. Microsoft Exchange has virus and malware protection as well as spam filtering to protect the integrity of your company’s information and keep your network secure. All messages coming in or out of your system are scanned for malicious software; an infected message will be instantly deleted.

If you want an email system that will boost office productivity, is accessible and intuitive to use, and maintains a high standard of security, Microsoft Exchange email hosting is the software service for you. Contact for more information on how implementation of Microsoft Exchange email hosting can benefit your business.

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