You can add credit card information within your payment profile by simply clicking on the Add Credit Card button.

Navigation: Home » Billing Information » Payment profile

Add Credit Card

Adding credit card is to smooth line the payment process for the client, this could be for long term deals where recurring payment are likely to occur, in such situations you may be adding credit card in your billing system at the platform of Control Panel.

To add a credit card you have to navigate to the following path:

Navigation: Home » Billing Information » Payment Profile

Click on Add Credit Card button. It will land to the following page:

Navigation: Home » Billing Information » Payment Profile » New Payment Profile

Select customer for which you want to add credit card.

Credit Card Information

  • Cardholder name: Enter customer/card holder name.
  • Type: Select type of the credit card e.g.  Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Diners Club, JCB, Maestro etc.
  • Card Number: Enter card number.
  • Expiration month: Select expiry month duration.
  • Expiration year: Select expiry year duration.
  • CVV2 or CVC2 code: Enter code.
  • Issue number (Solo/Switch Only): Enter issue number.
  • Card status: Select status as Ok, UnChecked, Disabled, Expired or Error.
  • Allow payment by this card: Select Yes/No.
  • Use this card for recurring payments: Select Yes /No.

Credit Card Billing Address

Enter Credit card billing address information as Address1, Address2, City, State, Province, Country, Zip code, Phone, Mobile phone, Fax, Email and Comments.

Finally, click on Save button for changes to take effect.

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