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When Every Minute Counts: VMware SRM’s Disaster Recovery Solution

vmware disaster recovey solutionsAfter a major natural calamity like hurricane Katrina, interest in disaster recovery skyrockets and companies rush to design and implement data backup and disaster recovery plans.  The sad fact of the matter is that disaster recovery planning cannot be done retroactively and the newly motivated organizations will all face major business interruptions.  In some cases, the break in systems continuity can significantly impair relationships with company stakeholders and lead to a damaged reputation and less profits down the road. The IT professionals who designed VMware SRM know that choosing a disaster recovery plan can be a daunting task that often gets postponed until it is too late.  In response to these challenges, they offer a product with a full suite of integrated data backup and disaster recovery solutions to make the adoption of a disaster recovery plan a simpler task for enterprise management.

Disaster recovery used to be considered a luxury add on for very large organizations who had the highest stakes in business continuity and the resources to keep all their T’s crossed and their I’s dotted, but with the unabated rise in competition within the telecommunications industry, a wider range of solutions at lower prices has demolished any previous barriers to entry for small and midsized enterprises.  These days any organization using a virtualized server environment ought to take a close look at incorporating VMware SRM into their IT infrastructure.

The most important question to ask when choosing a disaster recovery plan is “how long can the business afford to be down for”?  This will determine where your plan will lie on the spectrum of site responsiveness.  A physical backup site equipped with a complete physical duplicate environment – all servers, networks, and applications installed configured and updated – can get your IT system up and running within a matter of hours.  Of course, this kind of protection will come with a heftier price tag.  On the other side of the band is a cold site which houses all the necessary components but in a preliminary state which must go through a time consuming setup and customization process in the case of an emergency.  VMware SRM software can be tailored to meet your needs regardless of where your business lies on the continuity requirements spectrum.

Regardless of your time sensitivity profile, there are some key components that should not be overlooked when implementing a new disaster recovery plan.  A common mistake by IT staff is failing to recognize how applications depend on each other for the retrieval of data.  Having a mismatch between the number or timing of backups across different systems can paralyze the entire recovery process.  Protect information availability by incorporating quality storage replication adaptors, like those used by VMware SRM, which are capable of bridging the gap between multiple systems.

Even the best plans are rendered useless in the face of a disaster if the enterprise is lacking appropriately detailed disaster recovery documentation.  Unexpected catastrophic events will undoubtedly frazzle team members and a clear how-to guide is the only way to preserve order within the chaos.  Multiple copies of the guide should be produced and kept in different locations so that they can be easily accessed if necessary.  The documentation should be extremely detailed and complete and contain step-by-step instructions for the appropriate chain of command to be followed as well as all of the procedures and processes that will be required to get internal IT systems up and running again.  It takes a pretty wild imagination and a slightly morbid disposition to accurately predict all the potential scenarios that could threaten the availability of your network.  Fortunately has been working with the VMware SRM environment long enough to be able to provide complete scenario compilations and checklists that can be applied to your business’s unique situation.  Relying on a professional team to design and implement data protection policies will take the pressure off IT administrators who are already stretched thin managing day to day operations.

With experts in the telecommunications field constantly expanding their suite of data backup and disaster recovery plans, the cost has been going down and suitable plans are now available for any size of business.  With all of this accessibility in the current market you can’t afford not to prepare for unexpected threats to your business continuity.  Contact to get started with a VMware SRM setup today.



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