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PHP Web Hosting's PHP Web Hosting services offer industry leading features on a virtual Linux™ infrastructure. All php hosting services are fully managed in a secure environment, and support the most recent stable releases of Apache and PHP builds. Our goal is to provide the most reliable and robust experience for PHP developers creating new websites and web applications.

All PHP Web Hosting packages have a 30-day money back guarantee, as we are confident that you'll be completely satisfied with's service and support. With our online setup, you can be coding in no time flat.

Are you new to PHP web hosting?

One of the reasons that PHP web hosting has become so popular is the low barrier to entry. The cost of shared PHP/Linux web hosting is minimal, and the resources required to begin developing a website or web application with PHP are as basic as it can get: a computer and internet access.

In addition, the PHP community is large, and the PHP website has thousands of pages of reference material, with tens of thousands of examples that have been posted by the members of the community. If you’re trying to do something simple that many others have already (like create a contact form that emails you when someone submits it), you’ll undoubtedly find many examples on the PHP documentation site that will save you the time it would take to figure it out from scratch.

Another benefit of using PHP is that most of the popular open source website applications like Wordpress and Drupal are developed in PHP, so you can easily install those applications and begin modifying them however you need to.

In general, a great way to get started with PHP web development is to sign up for a basic PHP web hosting account and dive right in.’s 30-day money back guarantee means there is literally no risk for you to give PHP web development a shot as soon as you’re ready!

More about PHP Web Hosting

PHP web hosting allows your business to create interactive, data-driven websites at a fraction of the cost of running your own Linux or Windows servers. The PHP web hosting service generally runs on a LAMP setup (Linux/Apache/MySQL/PHP), and we support many industry standard applications like Wordpress and Drupal.’s Linux/PHP hosting plans offer flexibility based on the needs of the developer; new and smaller sites can choose from packages with various limits for bandwidth and disk space. In addition, based on the application’s requirements, various plans offer the ability to configure up to 50 subdomains, up to 250MB of storage in MySQL or PostgreSQL databases, the use of either PHP4 or PHP5, Perl support, and much more. Learn More