If you want to bypass the proxy and access your site directly (for testing or development purposes), you can do so by configuring your local DNS to use the real (Internal) IP address of your site, instead of ours. You will need to add your own IP address (which can be found here to the FileMatch directive if you have added it to your .htaccess file as Sucuri recommends.

Finding your Real (Internal) IP

Go to your CloudProxy Dashboard page, and in the main table, you will see an entry with your web sites and the hosting IP address of each one.

Manual editing hosts file

You can modify your /etc/hosts on Unix like systems or%SystemRoot%\system32\drivers\etc\hosts on Windows to bypass the DNS for your site. You will need to add a DNS modification at the top of that file telling your personal computer to go to your (real) hosting IP.

# /etc/hosts     localhost
::1           localhost  ip6-localhost  ip6-loopback

<hosting-ip>  www.yourdomain.com  yourdomain.com

Where <hosting-ip> is your real IP address and your-domain.com is the domain of your web site.

If you have the firewall bypass prevention rule active on your .htaccess, you will need to add your current IP address to the rule or your connection will be blocked. The final rule will look like this:

<FilesMatch ".*">Order deny,allow

Deny from allAllow from CLOUDPROXY IP1




You can get your current IP here if you do not know how to find it.

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